Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Seon & Associates is selected both on an ongoing and special assignment basis to render legal services for Banks in Grenada and the Caribbean region and continues to represent regional financial institutions and banks in specific financial matters.

We have also acted as legal counsel in the negotiation and preparation of loan syndication agreements, and cross-border finance security documents, and act as advisory and transactional counsel in the issuance, listing and delisting of securities on the Eastern Caribbean Securities Exchange and Market, and other securities related matters.

We advise clients on financial issues, and prepare security documents on their behalf, such as mortgages, debentures, bills of sale, bonds, mortgage of shares, loan agreements, and other related equity and debt financing security documentation.

The Firm provides legal opinions on all aspects of the law of mortgages and finance, including power of sale issues, appointment and duty of Receivers, priorities of payments under a receivership, mortgagee rights, pari passu, pre-payment events, and cross default provisions.

Sephorah Khan - Associate

Leslie-Ann Seon - Founder, Principal

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