Grenada Corporate Lawyers

Grenada Corporate Lawyers

Our Grenada corporate lawyers have networked with regional and international law firms on a number of major acquisitions and mergers in the Caribbean region. Some of these include, Barclays Bank, Shell, Courts Furniture, and FLOW.  Our corporate legal services include pre-incorporation, due diligence reports and incorporation.

We also provide secretarial services, draft and prepare shareholder agreements and joint venture agreements. Additionally, we advise clients on corporate structure issues and offer legal advice in regards to a wide range of commercial issues. Currently we provide qualified advice on specific tax matters related to income, withholding, property transfer, and value added tax matters.

Our Recent Services

*Acting for and advising a foreign based company on a multi-million dollar share purchase acquisition of a Grenadian asset.

*Advising a financial institution on vulnerable transactions and the liability of institutional directors.

*Advising and acting for a foreign based company on corporate structure, shareholdings, and effecting an amalgamation of regional companies in Grenada.

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