Grenada Real Estate Lawyers

Grenada Real Estate Lawyers

Our Grenada real estate lawyers offer comprehensive guidance on all aspects of conveyancing and real property matters, for residential and commercial properties. Our services include negotiations for the sale and purchase of property, preparation and settlement of leases, sale agreements, licences, deeds of sale, deeds of gift, deeds of assent, deeds of assignment, reconveyances, trust deeds, and deeds of rectification.

The Firm also provides advice on setting up and maintaining residential development schemes. We act for non-citizens in their applications for alien’s licence approvals to hold interest in real property;

prepare and submit applications for tax concessions on tourism property developments. We also assist clients in planning, negotiating, preparing and settling agreements with the Government on foreign direct project investments.

Our Recent Services

* Title investigations of freehold and leasehold properties for an international client

* Advising real estate agents on exclusive listing agreements; agent liability; property management; short and long term lease agreements.

* Advising and acting for a property developer in the acquisition of real property for tourism development; and successfully negotiating and obtaining tax concessions from the Government of Grenada in relation to same.

* Acting for a regional financial institution under its power of sale in the sale of leasehold commercial property including drafting, preparation and review of Purchase and Sale Agreement, Application for Government Consents, Sub-Lease Assignment, and Assignment of Grant of Rights and Easements.

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